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Anime Checker is a tool that calculates the CRC32 of your files.
The CRC is a 8 hexadecimal characters that most fanssubers include at the end of their releases filename (like my_video_[A3B6DF52].avi).
To check the file integrity, Anime Checker will compute the CRC value of the file and compare it with the given CRC value. If it's the same, there are nothing wrong with the file. If it's not the same, the file is probably corrupted or incomplete.

  • Calculate the CRC32 checksum of your files.
  • If the CRC32 is in the file name (like my_video_[A3B6DF52].avi), compare it against the calculated one.
  • Can check the files of a directory and subdirectories.
  • Multi-platform: Windows and Linux.
  • Portable: write the settings in the application folder.
  • Windows: none.
  • Linux: GTK2.